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Award Winning Sports Coaching Courses


Our Story

Award Winning Sports Coaching

Thanks for looking at our website. SHAPE Performance are based in the North-East of England; but as well as providing services locally, we regularly work across the UK. We provide services for individuals, Schools, grass roots and elite sport. Whether you are trying to improve your sporting performances, or lead a healthy lifestyle we can assist you to reach your goals. Using scientific knowledge to underpin services means fact based support!
Our school holiday coaching courses were voted by SME News as the North-East's 'Best School Holiday Coaching Courses' which is testament to the 8 years of hard work we have made to making sure that our courses are safe, fun and engaging and the best in the area.​The company was formed in 2006, when Tony Dowson (Company Owner) started offering sports science testing and workshops. A lot of this work was in schools and colleges offering exercise physiology testing, using equipment that was usually reserved to elite sports clubs or University research labs. This is something we do but the company has massively broadened the number of services offered.​We regularly work with schools to improve the quality of their PE or sport. This is including workshops to improve the quality of PE lessons, curriculum support, fitness testing and training of pupils ‘showing potential’ in sport or PE (what most people call ‘gifted and talented’), revision classes for GCSE, BTEC or A level PE and playground games training for leaders. We work with several Primary schools providing after-school clubs in a range of sports.
We also offer regular coaching sessions for futsal and football, particularly in the Gateshead/Ryton area, as well as a girl's only session, which is a introdcution to football, with many of the players going on to play for the teams we run (Shape Performance Football and Futsal Club).​We provide services for School PE, grass roots and elite sport. Whether you are trying to improve your sporting performances or lead a healthy lifestyle we can offer support. Using scientific knowledge to underpin services means fact based support!

Holiday Sports Coaching Courses

Best Holiday Coaching Courses in the North-East - voted by SME News

Thanks for showing an interest in our school holiday coaching courses. We continue to grow the number courses we run and are pleased to be adding a number of new venues in 2022. Our success is due to providing a first-class experience for the children attending. In 2021 we purchased a number of inflatables, which we transport round to each venue once or twice each week. These were a massive success and we are looking to add to the ones that have already shown to be so popular very soon. 

Tony Dowson, SHAPE Performance Owner

Why book with us?


The major aim for our courses is to make them a fun as possible, and should you book your children on to one, I am sure they will have an amazing time. Our coaches all have a DBS check, first aid, safeguarding and relevant coaching qualifications. They are also employed because of the way they interact with the children, make it fun, as well as their ability to develop the children’s skill levels.


But don’t just take my word for it… check out the 5* reviews we have on Facebook, some of which are shown below.

Don’t forget to ‘like’ the SHAPE Performance Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all the courses we offer."



Award Winning Holiday Sports Coaching Courses

North-East’s ‘Best Holiday Coaching Courses’
SME News Northern Enterprise Awards


Options for holiday coaching courses

More choice = more fun

Multi-sport Activities

Available at all venues

Children normally take part in 4 activities each day, approximately 50 minutes on each activity.
The sessions involve a bit of coaching, but are mostly playing matches/games, and fun and enjoyment are our top priority so we choose activities which we know children of all abilities can enjoy. We pride ourselves on differentiating by ability, offering activities, which all children enjoy.
Depending on the facilities available at the venue, we have offered the following sports. Football, trampolining, cricket, basketball, tag rugby, table tennis, hockey, ultimate frisbee, tennis, gymnastics, dance, netball, climbing/bouldering. Dodgeball is a favourite amongst the children and we usually play this daily. We also play a few fun games like capture the flag, Danish longball and have one day where we will have a water fight (when the weather is hot enough)… two days, if we can fit this in! We also invite the children to bring in their bikes or scooters on one day, and have fun challenges, competitions and races, but please ensure they have a helmet and other protective gear, as we will not let them join in unless they have this. We have invested a large sum of money into Nerf blasters, safety goggles and darts so we can play Nerf games. We have enough blasters for everyone, so don’t worry if your child doesn’t have one. In 2021 we also purchased a number of inflatables and we take these to each venue once or twice throughout the week.


Dance, trampolining and gymnastics

Usually available at larger venues/schools

Children participate in a half-day of dance, with a half-day of either trampolining or gymnastics. Whether we do gymnastics or trampolining depends on the facilities available at the school. 

In the dance sessions we teach some hip-hop and street dance moves, then put these together into a dance to a current chart song. We usually invite the parents in on Friday afternoon so the children can perform their work.

Gymnastics & Trampolining – Children spend time progressing through basic and advanced skills. They will then create sequences or routines, putting together the skills they have learned. In gymnastics this is often with a partner.


Football Coaching

Available at larger venues or schools

Players will receive high quality coaching to improve their footballing ability. The major emphasis is on having fun, whilst developing skills (passing, dribbling, shooting, turning, control of the ball, heading etc.), game awareness (tactical knowledge), football fitness and mental aspects of football (e.g. determination, team work etc.). At the end of each session children play matches to put into practise what they have been working on.

Image by Wan San Yip

Summer 2024

We have a limited number of courses available in 2024. 

29th July to 2nd August - St Paul's Alnwick

Multi-sport coaching only

5th to 9th August - Northburn Primary School, Cramlington

Multi-sport coaching only

12th to 16th August - Whickham School

Options to do (1) multi-sport, (2) football coaching and (3) dance with trampolining

19th to 23rd August - Northburn Primary School, Cramlington

Multi-sport coaching only

Use the following link to book a place, or click on the 'book here' box below.


Monday 29th July - Bikes and scooters

Tuesday 30th July - Inflatables

Wednesday 31st July - Nerf games

Thursday 1st August - Water fight

Friday 2nd August - No specialist activity


Monday 5th August - Bikes and scooters. 

Tuesday 6th - Water fight

Wednesday 7th - Nerf games

Thursday 8th - Inflatables

Friday 9th - No specialist activity


Monday 19th August - Nerf games

Tuesday 20th August - Inflatables

Wednesday 21st August- Water fight

Thursday 22nd August - Bikes and scooters

Friday 23rd August - No specialist activity 



Monday 12th August -  Water fight

Tuesday 13th August -  Nerf games

Wednesday 14th August -  Bikes and scooters

Wednesday 14th AND Thursday 15th August -  Inflatables session

Safety, fun and development our main priorities


Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff people want to know about our holiday coaching courses

What ages can attend?

Children who are finishing Reception class in August 2022 can attend our Summer 2022 courses. For courses at other times of the year children need to be in Year 1. For smaller sites (usually First and Primary Schools) children in Year 7 can attend but at High Schools we allow Year 8s to attend.

How do I book a place?

Places can only booked using our online booking system. Follow this link to book.

Are there still places available?

This webpage will display show when a course is full and no more places available. You can also see when places are nearly sold out on the booking site if you try to book a place.

Can my child attend if they have a disability or additional educational need?

We try to accommodate all children, so everyone can attend. However, we usually can’t cater for children who need specialist 1-2-1 support. If they can join in PE lessons at school, without constant supervision or assistance, then they are fine to attend. A full refund will be offered if you book them in and we cannot support them effectively to ensure all children are safe and have fun.

Do they need a packed lunch?

Yes, if you have paid for the course then they need their own food and plenty to drink. Please avoid sending in your child with foods containing nuts as we regularly get children attending who are allergic. AN EXCEPTION IS OUR FREE COURSES, (WHICH ARE FUNDED BY GOVERNMENT HAF FUNDING) WHERE FOOD IS PROVIDED.

Can parents stay and watch?

No, for safeguarding reasons parents are not allowed to stay.

Are your ‘Free Courses’ only for children receiving Free School Meals?

No, anyone can attend these courses, regardless of whether they are receiving free school meals.

Do I need to book for the full week?

No, it is cheaper to do so, but you can book for any number of days.

How much does it cost?

Summer 2022 prices 
The price is £60 for a full week. £55 for any 2nd sibling and £50 for other siblings.
The day rate is £16 per child, or £14 per day for a second sibling and £12 for a 3rd sibling?

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We aren't Ofsted registered yet so can't accept childcare vouchers. We are working on this, so hopefully this will change soon.

Are all courses available at every venue?

No, at the smaller venues we usually only have the multi-sport activities. The football coaching and dance, trampolining and gymnastics options are sometimes available at the High schools. See the details above to see which courses are available at each venue.

What activities do the children do?

See the information above for details of each course. Our courses are normally broken up in following way. 

  • Session 1 (e.g. basketball)

  • Break & snack

  • Session 2 (e.g. trampolining)

  • Lunch

  • Session 3 (e.g. dodgeball)

  • Break & tuck shop

  • Session 4 (e.g. capture the flag)

What times do you operate?

Courses run from 9:45am until 3pm. We have an early drop-off from 8:45am at most venues (at an extra cost).

Can my child be in the same group as their friend or sibling?

If they are similar ages then yes, this is likely to be the case. If there is a large age difference then it depends on the course they choose. For dance, gymnastics and trampolining this is usually fine. However, for safety, this is not always possible for football and multi-sport groups. We try to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee it, particularly when there is a large size, ability or age difference.

Do you have spare water guns or nerf blasters as my child doesn’t have one?

Yes, we have some spares, but if you can get one prior to the course that would be great. We have more nerf blasters available.

Do they have to wear a helmet for the bikes and scooters activity?

Yes, we have a ‘no helmet, no ride’ policy for safety and to meet insurance guidelines.

Can my child switch groups during the week?

We try to accommodate children wanting to switch groups but this isn’t possible if groups are full as we cannot go over our coach:participant ratios for insurance requirements.



The only company in the North-East offering inflatables sessions on their holiday coaching courses

In 2021 we purchased a number of inflatables so we could take these to our holiday coaching courses… and SP bouncy castles and inflatables was born!

Checkout for more details. 

We usually take with us to each venue:

  • A mega slide.

  • A disco dome

  • An air mountain

  • A cliff jump/leap of faith

Book on one of our holiday coaching courses, for a full week, or on the days when the inflatables are on-site and the use of the inflatables is included in the price… what great value!

We are looking to expand our product range soon to offer an even bigger and better experience soon.


My 6yr old has just participated in the dance, gymnastics and trampolining course. She absolutely loved it and has come home happy and confident each night. She can be very shy in new situations but performed in front of parents today with a smile! Thank you to everybody involved- she will definitely come again!

Helen Stott

Great value for money. Children are active in a safe environment with professional staff having fun but also learning lots of skills. Would definitely recommend to others.

Stephen, Dad of Matthew, aged 5.

My daughter and my nephews regularly attend holiday sports camps ran by Tony and the guys, They love it! They literally have a ball and the coaches are professional and approachable. There is a wide range of activities available to suit all kids and it really is fantastic value for money! Particular favourite of my lot is water fight day! 5 stars from me!

Lisa Walsh

Ethan has had a fab time and was really enthusiastic about coming every single day… he had actually been asking "Is it a football day today”?

Helen Chambers

My son has attended both the holiday club and football training ran by Tony since 2021.
Tony is an advocate for sport, stressing the benefits of it for mental health, team work and emotional development regularly.
The holiday club caters for all, it is well organised and ran with plenty of additional activities built in (such as water fights and inflatables) to make it a real experience for the children. I am most impressed with the level of detail given to parents for each course, explicit instructions on where to meet, what the day will include and what to send your child with.
My son has grown in confidence through shape performance and it’s wonderful to see him enjoying outdoor activity. I believe the holiday club is also great for encouraging independence, my son helps to pack his own bag, takes money for the “tuck shop” where staff support him to ensure his £1 isn’t blown just on sweets!
The holiday clubs are also flexible, for example my son tried football but didn’t enjoy it, so the staff switched him to multi sports for the afternoon session. It’s really nice to see that the well-being of the child comes first and we are looking forward to the summer club this year!

Katie Folan

Absolutely fantastic holiday camp , my oldest son has been going for 5 years and absolutely loves it , for the first time My youngest son with additional needs has been this year and he was desperate to go back again this week as he had the best time and great fun. Very well organised and professional coaches and set up , with gives me great confidence my boys are in great hands.

Helen Graham

As a working parent of 3 primary school aged children, I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to send my children to shape performance holiday club. The sessions are incredible value for money, and the wrap around sessions are so helpful for working parents such as myself. The sessions are accessible to all children, and there are a huge variety of activities on offer to suit all ages and abilities. My children are always happy to go and always come home with a huge smile on their faces, and suitably tired after a day of fun and fitness. There are many venues across the north east and we are very lucky to have access to venues in our local area which are easy to get too. The staff are wonderful, and what is most appealing is that all staff are qualified in coaching the children, so as well as having fun, making friends, interacting with other children and being well cared for in a safe, positive fun environment, I know that they are also developing new skills and being taught at a very high level. Thank you to Tony and staff, they make such a positive difference to the lives of many children in our area, and as parent I'm really not sure how we would manage over the long 6 weeks holiday, and know many other parents feel the same. 

Thanks again, we are very grateful for what you offer our community, and this award would be so deserved for all your hard work and dedication in ensuring a safe fun environment for our children with so many health and wellbeing benefits of what is on offer for the children.

Debbie Shepherdson


Other Services

Football and sports parties

Fun for everyone!

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School PE Support

We offer a variety of services to schools

From Curriculum PE support, PPA cover, leadership training, competitions and after-school clubs. If you school needs support, then get in touch to discuss.

Football and Futsal Coaching

Developing great people and great players

We have regular football coaching and futsal coaching sessions available in the Ryton area. Contact us for more details.

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